With the Building Permit request, the investor should enclose:

  • Location permit;
  • Proof of resolved property and legal relations;
  • Concession contract or public-private partnership, if concession is granted for the required construction or the public-private partnership contract is concluded in accordance with special regulations;
  • Main design in three copies;
  • Report on the audit of technical documentation when referred to Article 114 of the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction;
  • Report in writing and certificate of nostrification when referred to Article 102, Paragraph 4;
  • Environmental permit, if applicable or Decision on Environmental Impact Assessment in accordance with environment protection regulations and
  • Other attachments as determined by special laws.

Before issuing the building permit, the investor should pay rent fee and compensation for use. The amount of fee for regulation of construction land and rent fee is determined by the unit of useful object area (BAM/m²) of the design on the basis of which the building permit is issued. The fee for regulation of construction land is specified in accordance with the Decision on determining the Compensation for the Use of City Construction Land („Official Gazette of the Municipality of Brod“, No. 9/18).

The compensation for the city construction land is being calculated according to the model: Ituz (BAM) –O h Kz h Kn h HǾoItuz (BAM) –Compensation Fee, O –the basis for compensation fee BAM/ m²), Kz -Zone Coefficient, Kn –Purpose Coefficient, HǾo –total useful object surface.

The compensation of natural privileges, one-off rent is determined by the Decision on Interior Design and City Construction Land („Official Gazzete of the Municipality of Brod“, No. 9/18).

Calculation of contribution costs in the amount of 0.3% of total price of construction works for financing Programme on Survey and Cadastre of Immobile Property defined by Article 5. of the Law on Survey and Cadastre of Immobile Property (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 20/07) is done during the process of construction approval.
Tax for the Decision is determined by the Decision on Municipal Administrative Taxes („Official Gazzete of the Municipality of Brod“, No. 9/18).


During the procedure of issuing the building permit, from the moment of application submitted, initial procedures and the procedure itself, to the decision, delivery and appeal procedure and the validity of the procedural decision, the Law on Administrative Procedure („Official Gazzete of the RS“, No. 13/02, 87/07 and 50/10), the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction („Official Gazzete of the RS“, No. 40/13, 106/15, 3/16) and other laws, regulations and general acts of the Republic of Srpska and the Municipality of Brod are applicable.


When the Decision is issued, the construction works for which the permit was requested can be started. The works can be started as soon as the Decision is valid, at the latest with the deadline determined in the Decision on Construction Approval (it is mostly 12 months). The day when the works start, the contractor, the citizen who builds for his own needs, is to be registered to the Municipal Construction Inspection, at least eight days before the works start.

The building permit is not valid if the construction or works do not start in the deadline defined in the building permit. When the building permit is issued, the investor should ask for the approval for the land plot for construction to be staked out.


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