The metal industry sector occupies an important place in the Municipality of Brod. Through the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, there is a tendency of growth. In the period between 2014 and 2018, the following companies invested in the Municipality of Brod:

  • Anton Paar ShapeTec BA Ltd. (Austria) with 27 newly employed workers
  • Krampitz international & Partner Ltd. (Germany) with 18 newly employed workers and extending existing capacities
  • Scai Adapter Ltd. (Italija) doubled the number of employees and extended existing capacities.

The most important business entities from the metal sector are:

  • DM montaza Ltd. with 16 employees whose core business is welding, production and installation of steel structures as well as the training of welders by appropriate procedure.
  • “Ross-adrija” Ltd. with 20 employees, whose core business is welding, production and installation of steel structures.

On the list of The Employment Bureau Brod RS, there are:

  • 135 locksmiths,
  • 19 welders,
  • 11 lathe operators
  • 23 mechanical engineering technicians.

Import – Export

 In 2017, the following goods were mainly imported into the Municipality of Brod:

  • iron and steel worth BAM 23.840.537,00
  • iron and steel products worth BAM 1.423.120,00.

In 2017, the following goods were exported from the Municipality of Brod:

  • iron and steel products worth BAM 37.725.801,00
  • iron and steel worth BAM 2.326.481,00.

Main exporting countries are: Italy, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden.

The education of personnel of the metal industry is done in:

  • High School „Nikola Tesla Brod“ for Locksmith-Welder, 30 students every year
  • Requalification in welding (TIG, WIG, REL MAG and similar procedures) – it is done by „Bakara“ Ltd Lijesce, and „DM-montaza“ Ltd Brod, with internationally recognized certificates.

The Municipality of Brod planned and realized requalification in welding in the past 3 years. The results of the program were 40 qualified welders.

 The subsector for locksmiths’ and welding works, metal processing industry, auto industry and services in the metal industry hold the greatest investment potential in the metal sector.


Agricultural production in the area of Brod Municipality has been intensifying over the last five years, largely due to the actions taken by local self-government.

Within the municipal budget each year, funds for agricultural subsidies are planned, and in parallel, agricultural land lease ads are published. So far, 62 hectares have been issued through a concession and 919 hectares of land is leased. Such practice still continues, as there are still 1,134 hectares left. As a consequence, the number of registered family farms is constantly increasing, in 2015 there were 252 farms, 2016 there were 302 farms and in 2017 351 farms. In the field of agriculture there are also foreign investors, where one Dutch company is interested in building a dairy farm for 500 bucks and has already leased some 50 hectares of cultivable land.

The most intensive production is in the field of milking, whereby a yearly increase in the volume of fresh milk purchased was recorded, and in the last year there was an increase of 2.450.000 liters with a tendency of further growth. At the same time, fattening bulls, as well as pig production, have improved, reaching about 7,000 head of various categories.

Crop production is based in cooperation with livestock production, because in this way provides the largest part nutrients for existing livestock, and part of the production shall be submitted through organized purchase, mostly corn and wheat. In addition to all kinds of grains, there are also gourmet meadows, which they take with lucerkom and detelian-grassy suits.

Fruit growing takes 644 hectares and growing roots with the modern way of growing fruit. In the forthcoming period, it is also planned to build one refrigeration facility for storage and keeping fruit up to its sale. The most common are the fruit types of plum, pear and apple, and in recent years the ever more modern and contemporary plants of cherry and walnut.

Agricultural production is monitored in cooperation with the Agricultural Institute of Republika Srpska from Banja Luka, with which the quality control of land and proposals for measures for the use of organic and mineral fertilizers as well as crops have been organized, and with the Institute for Development and Promotion of Agriculture from Brcko the preparation is organized oilseeds (soy, sunflower and oil beet) for a well-known customer.


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