The basic taxation categories are:

•    Value Added Tax
•    Corporate income tax
•    Personal income tax
•    Property tax
•    Social security contributions paid by employers and employees
•    Excises, a special type of sales tax paid on some commodities like oil products, tobacco products, soft drinks, alcohol drinks, beer, wine and coffee.


Value Added Tax                17%              (FB&H,RS, BD)
Corporate Income Tax      10%              (FB&H,RS, BD)
Personal Income Tax         10%              (FB&H,RS, BD)

Value added tax (VAT)

Unique VAT rate is 17%. Indirect Taxation Authority is in charge of collecting value added tax and coordinating fiscal policy issues in general. This body is also responsible for collecting customs and excises on the entire territory of BiH.
Value added tax is a comprehensive tax on consumption, assessed based on the value added to goods and services. This is a general tax applied to all commercial activities, including manufacturing and distribution of goods and providing services. It is a consumer tax because it is not paid by the company, but by the end user. It is assessed as a percentage of the cost of goods or services. The tax amount is visible in all stages, from manufacturing to distribution chain. When paying tax liability, the taxpayer will reduce the value added tax by the tax amount he/she has already paid to other taxpayers at purchase. This ensures neutrality of taxation, regardless of the number of transactions involved.

Corporate income tax rate in B&H
•    Federation B&H – 10%
•    Republic of Srpska – 10%
•    Brko District – 10%
Profits transferred from abroad are not taxed in BiH
Profits transferred from abroad are not taxed if they were previously subject to taxation abroad.

Corporate taxable basis

Profits are calculated in accordance with applicable laws, by deducting (real) expenses from revenues. The tax base includes profit gained through revenues and capital gains, according to the accounting regulations. The expenditures must conform to the accounting standards.
Personal income tax rates
In FBiH – Personal income tax is 10 % on net salary (in accordance with gross model).
In RS – Personal income tax is 10% on net salary (in accordance with gross model).

Foreigners and taxes in BiH

All foreigners with permanent residence in the Federation BiH and RS pay personal income tax on revenues earned during a calendar year in BiH territory. Equally, all foreigners who do not reside permanently


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