• Creates application packages for donor funding;
  • Conducts project implementation and monitoring;
  • It proposes and ensures the construction of financing of individual projects;
  • Making expert analyzes and information, reports for the needs of the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor, the Economic Council and other bodies that are organized in order to review and propose the most optimal solutions for individual areas and the Municipality as a whole;
  • Actively participates in the preparation of the annual work plans of the departments in the Municipal Administration and other bodies and organizations in the municipality, synchronizing them and harmonizing them with the goals and deadlines set in the Municipal Development Strategy;
  • During the year, he monitors the implementation of plans, supervises implementation, takes measures for realization and provides expert assistance, reports to the Mayor on all important issues and problems in the implementation of the Development Strategy;
  • Continuously communicate with local businessmen;
  • Encourages local businesses to expand capacity;
  • Promotes the potential of the Municipality of Brod.

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