This Department carries out tasks related to local development issues. It monitors and evaluates the applicability of the adopted Municipal Development Strategy. The Department prepares the most optimal solutions for the Mayor and performs expert analysis of the effects for each area, in particular for the Development Strategy as a whole, proposes and prepares the assessment of priorities in the Development Strategy and dynamically and operatively sets deadlines for its realization by anticipating and determining the holders of individual projects as the basis for its implementation, in the quarterly, semi-annual and annual work plans for the development of the municipality, i.e. the implementation of the adopted Strategy, it coordinates the work with heads of departments in the Municipal Administration and other bodies and organizations in the area of ​​the municipality and beyond, and which are competent for certain areas, subjects – bearers of the activities of the Municipal Development Strategy.

The department carries out expert processing and assessment of the offered solutions by engaging, with the consent of the Mayor, to the specified need of consultants and consulting firms for specific issues and parts of development plans – municipal development strategy, participates and coordinates activities with heads of departments and other bodies and organizations in the municipality of drafting the elaborate for the application of IRB funds, international institutions, donor funds, funds and projects of non-governmental and other organizations, proposes and provides for the construction of financing of individual projects (from the Development Strategy or other projects) and prepares the Municipality’s most favorable solutions. Making expert analysis and information, reports for the needs of the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor, the Economic Council and other bodies organized in order to examine and propose the most optimal solutions for individual areas and the municipality as a whole.

Preparation of proposals and solutions aimed at creating a favorable economic environment in order to attract investors and create new jobs in the real sector. Actively participates in the preparation of annual work plans of the departments in the Municipal Administration and other bodies and organizations in the municipality, synchronizing them and harmonizing them with the goals and deadlines set in the Municipal Development Strategy. During the year he monitors the implementation of plans, supervises implementation, undertakes implementation measures and provides expert assistance, reports to the Mayor on all important issues and problems in the implementation of the Development Strategy.

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