Pursuant to the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Srpska on the Adoption of the Employment Action Plan in the Republic of Srpska for 2018, number 04 / 1-012-2-728 / 18 of 29 March 2018, (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska”, no. 30/18), Decisions amending the Decision on Adoption of the Action Plan for Employment in 2018, No. 04 / 1-012-2-1399 / 18 of 30 May 2018 (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska”, No. 52 / 18), the Decision of the Managing Board of the Public Employment Bureau of the Republic of Srpska amending the decision on the adoption of the Employment Program in the Republic of Srpska, No. 01.6 / 0111-529- 8/18 of 10 July 2018, and the Decision of the Managing Board of the Public Administration The Employment Service of the Republic of Srpska on Calling for a Public Invitation, No. 01.6 / 0111-987-10 / 18 of 3 December 2018, the Ministry of Labor and Veterans’ and Disability Protection and the Public Employment Bureau of the Republic of Srpska, announce a public invitation to unemployed persons the use of funds under the program of encouraging the development of entrepreneurship among young people under the age of 35 startup (start-up).

Public call can be downloaded here:

  Public call_Start-up_2019


Ambassador of the Czech Republic to BiH Jakub Skalnik was in Brod on 11.10.2018. In the Municipal Administration, he talked with the mayor of the Municipality of Brod, Ilija Jovičić. Topics of the discussion were the situation in the municipality, development projects, cooperation with non-governmental organizations, investments and other possibilities for further cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic.
During the visit to Brod, Ambassador Skalnik visited a fruit processing unit in Donji Kolib. Dryers and fruit processing are part of the Project for Empowering Sustainable Economic Growth in Fruit, Forest Fruit and Medicinal Herbal Processing, which is one of the most successful major projects financed by the development aid of the Czech Republic.


The Mayor of the municipality of Brod Ilija Jovičić and the head of the finance department Dejan Čečavac  witnessed the start of the construction of the road in the business zone of Skele today. The construction is done for the purpose of arranging a business zone that extends along the main road from the settlement Skele to the City Pools.

There are already several investment offers and business proposals for this attractive location. The works are financed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republika Srpska, and based on the Decision on allocation of funds for the business zone in the municipality of Brod from the clearing debt. The contract is awarded to the bidder d.o.o. “GEOKOP” Derventa to the value of the contract of 85.746,60 KM, VAT excluded.


Today at 10 o’clock, in the meeting hall of the Municipal Administration Brod, contracts were signed for the lease of agricultural land with six beneficiaries. This time, a total of 120 hectares of land has been allocated. Mayor Ilija Jovičić said that he was satisfied with the interest of people to process this land and mentioned farmers from previous years who successfully processed leased land.


Today, at 11 am in the hall of the Municipal Assembly of Brod, the Association of fruit producers “Voćar” presented the project “Improvement of fruit production in the area of Brod”. The project was addressed by the president of the “Voćar” association, Vid Rakić, and the representative of the partner association Center for Local and Regional Development (CELOR) on this project, Čedomir Ćorić, from Derventa.

The project “Voćar” is one of the four projects approved under the Public Call for Civil Society Organizations within the ReLOaD project in the Brod municipality. The total value of the project is 18.773 KM and the project activities will take place until March of the following year.


The Republic Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises has announced a public call for participation in the accelerator pilot program, which is open until October 7, 2018. The program is intended for beginners in business based on innovation, knowledge and new technologies with growth potential, who want to find a market for their products / services as soon as possible. The program consists of three phases: pre-acceleration, acceleration and growth programs. Support within the program includes free training, free advisory support in certain areas, free use of space for work within the business incubator, administrative and technical support for the use of funds from various financing programs, the possibility of presenting business plans to potential investors, promotion and international connectivity. The call is open to all creative persons from the Republic of Srpska / BiH who have innovative business ideas and the intention to start a company in the RS during an accelerator program or already have a registered company not older than 18 months. Candidates can apply as independent applicants or as a team. Business ideas related to trade, catering, games of chance, financial intermediation will not be considered.

All interested parties can apply through a form they can find on the website of the Republic Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises http://www.rars-msp.org/en/news/n968 and the Entrepreneurial Portal of Republika Srpska http: //www.preduzetnickiportalsrpske.net/provide-uces-eu-accelerator-pilot-program/ Completed form must be submitted via e-mail: info@rars-msp.org no later than October 7, 2018 with the note “Application for participation in accelerator pilot program “.
The call was announced within the ACCELERATOR project – “Accelerator Development to Ensure Better Access to Financing for Innovative SMEs”. The program is organized in cooperation with the Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor – PREDA and the FORESDA project that supports the development of innovations and competitiveness through cross-sectoral cooperation. The ACCELERATOR and FORESDA projects are co-financed by the European Union from the ERDF and IPA funds within the Danube Transnational Program.


On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, the daily newspaper Glas Srpske published the call for proposals for the various contracts, and among other requests for “Paving the local roads in the municipality of Brod”. The call refers to the asphalting of the road from the settlement Naretci towards the Lugovi and Prodanović sokak in Gornji Klakar. The funds for this work are provided from favorable loans from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 70% – through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Government of the Republic of Serbian, and the municipality Brod 30%. The project was prepared and nominated by the Municipal Administration.


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