Business zone


In the municipality of Brod and in the beginning of November the construction season does not end. The contractor is in the area of Skele in the part designated for the business zone, for the regulation of the access to investors in the business zone. The road is worth 85,746.60 BAM without VAT. The road stretches along the main road from the settlement Skele to the City pools and will be connected to the Branko Kovačević Street. As previously announced for this business zone, investment proposals and projects are already being considered. The works are financed by the Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska, based on the Decision on allocation of funds for the business zone in the municipality of Brod from the clearing debt.
Citizens also noticed the construction of business facilities. In addition to the City Pools, the buildings of Elektro – Doboj company are in the advanced stage of construction and are well advanced. We also visited the purchased parcel of the company Krampic where the construction of a new hall was built. In addition to the main road to the border crossing, the works continue to regulate the TC Tropik – My Market facility, the construction of a flat station and a business center, which contributes to the improvement of the business environment in Brod.


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