The 9th session of the Chamber of Commerce was held on Thursday, November 1, at the meeting hall of the municipality starting from 6 pm. The meeting was attended by: members of the councils, Mayor Ilija Jovičić, point processors from the Municipal administration, directors of public companies and institutions. Issues that are of importance for improving the business environment in the Brod municipality were considered.
As for the topic of secondary school entry in Brod, it has been said that education profiles need to be more aligned with the demand in the economy. A letter of conclusion will be sent to the relevant Ministry on this topic.
The second item on the agenda was related to the results of a poll carried out by business entities in Brod. After the analysis of the survey presented, the council members gave their suggestions for the next survey of businessmen.
The theme on the price and quality of utility services discussed the problems that communal enterprises encounter in their work.
For the point on administrative and communal fees and taxes, businessmen in the council proposed harmonization of individual fees in relation to prices in the municipalities in the surrounding.
Under the item, various issues are being proposed, which, because of their importance, will be on the agenda of some of the next session of the Council. The session was closed at 20:00.


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